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Fix the B.I.G. stuff to enhance
your heart health – for good!

I’ve got the easy buttons you need to address:

Blood sugar  Inflammation Gastrointestinal health

Heart health starts here

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Chances are...

you've read umpteen books and blogs, listened to a host of podcasts, maybe even tried and failed multiple diets, and you’re finally sick & tired (as well as confused & overwhelmed) by all the different health advice out there.

You want something that works for you, and you want it to be simple.
You need the easy button to help address your health.

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Lovely to meet you.

I’m Karyn, a Functional Nutritionist & Natural Chef with over 15 years of experience helping people address the B.I.G. stuff, and turn their health around.

My mission is to help you create and implement the most effective diet and lifestyle changes (in keeping with your personal preferences) to enhance how you feel and function, so you can get back to living your life without worrying about your health.

Whether you want to address Blood sugar levels (cholesterol/blood pressure/waist size) or Inflammation or Gastrointestinal health - any or all of the B.I.G. stuff, I can help.

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Healthier. Happier. You...

Cardio-metabolic health involves addressing all the B.I.G. stuff, and when you're confident about your food and lifestyle choices it won't feel so tough.

And the benefits can be life-changing. 

Fixing the B.I.G. stuff means:

→ Blood sugar regulation will enhance energy, help you achieve mental clarity & focus, and address your waist size.

→ Inflammation mitigation will help you feel better all around.

→ Gastrointestinal health will improve your digestive function overall, and help address food allergies/sensitivities.

You know what to do…

I’ve got the easy button you need to help:

→ Transform your health.

→ Love your food (yes, it's possible to love healthy food!) 

→ Develop a newfound sense of confidence around food.


One-On-One consultations via Zoom’s HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platform.

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Personalized nutrition consultations

Evaluation of health status & labs through my functional medicine lens.

Diet & lifestyle recommendations, including delicious recipes, specific to your personal preferences.

Practical guidelines, action items, and goals, within 24 hours of every appointment.

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Corporate wellness

Nutrition education at the corporate level supports the immune function of your workforce and helps enhance performance.

Daily habits build the foundation for optimal health. It is not only empowering, it also frees up space in people’s minds.

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Group programs

My Blood Sugar Reset program is now open for enrollment.
Learn how to regulate your blood sugar and re-frame how you think about food, without going on a diet.

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Nutrition is an integral part of what influences our health and healing, and Karyn truly understands this. With her boundless enthusiasm and contagious energy, Karyn is able to break down barriers and create a lasting positive change in eating habits. She will not make you count calories and calculate ratios of macronutrients, but guide you into being able to maintain a healthy and nourishing diet that tastes good. Over the past 2.5 years I have seen her change my patients' lives. They were able to lose weight and improve their health markers without giving up taste and their joy of eating. I highly recommend Karyn if you want an up-to-date and evidence-based, healthy and tasty approach to nutrition!
Kirsten Marcus, MD, PhD

I have known Karyn since I joined One Medical Group in November 2008.  Karyn has seen a number of my patients with a variety of conditions ranging from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, fatigue, IBS and many other conditions. She collaborates closely with the naturopathic doctors, licensed acupuncturists and other integrative medicine providers. Working jointly we've had many successful lifestyle medicine interventions and kept our patients close to their optimum health, often without the need to add pharmacological interventions. Karyn helped them not only with the nutrition science knowledge based facts, day to day practical steps but also with coaching them and changing their behaviors on a deeper level. Her passion for the cause left a significant imprint in our patients' health.
Zeljko Milovanovic, MD, MS

Karyn is an amazing functional nutritionist and natural chef, and has helped many of my patients over the years with various issues including weight loss, diabetes, better blood sugar control, IBS, and gas and bloating. She is a highly skilled communicator, she is passionate about what she does, which along with her intellect and social skills made her a huge asset to our team and for our patients.
Angela Powlen, PA-C

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Imagine never having to worry, guess or feel overwhelmed by the food choices you make. 

You’ll know exactly what to eat and how to consistently be in control of your health.

Best of all, you will love your food.


Healthy starts here.

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