Reverse prediabetes, for good.

Are you ready to get off the blood sugar rollercoaster once and for all, AND enjoy your food along the way?

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Reverse pre-diabetes, for good.

Are you ready to get off the blood sugar rollercoaster once and for all, AND enjoy your food along the way?

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~ Introducing ~

The Blood Sugar Reset Program

An online group training program

Learn how to regulate your blood sugar and reframe how you think about food without going on a diet.


Yes! I want to crush my sugar cravings now
For anyone with prediabetes (with an HA1c above 5.6) who wants to regulate blood sugar levels without:
  • Hating your food
  • Wasting time & money trying to figure this out on your own
  • Second-guessing what to eat at every meal
  • Giving up enjoying dessert with friends or family ever again!

Right now, you’re desperate to make the prediabetes label you’ve been given go away or at least avoid being told you need to be on medication for the rest of your life, or worse, becoming fully diabetic.

You feel overwhelmed and at your wits end trying to figure out if you should go vegan/keto/paleo/who knows what, to address your blood sugar. Your cravings are real and any of the diets you’ve read/heard about are just not cutting it for you.

You’re hungry and you crave sugary – sweet – salty food – all the time. 

You’re tired of hearing that to regulate your blood sugar you have to:

  • stay away from sugar
  • go on some extreme/complex/restrictive diet
  • exercise all the time
  • take cooking lessons

You’re exhausted, annoyed, and irritated before you even open the fridge!

And, cue the daily symptoms…

  • Brain fog - isn't that just a sign of working too hard?
  • Low energy - isn't that just part of being an adult?
  • Sugar cravings - doesn't everyone crave sugar?

As you try to decide what to eat, you find yourself questioning everything: 

  • Is it safe? 
  • Will it cause my blood sugar levels to spike? 
  • How will I ever get back to the way things were before?

Googling to find answers to these questions only makes you more confused.  And, your primary care provider’s words of warning “if you don’t get your blood sugar levels under control you run the risk of becoming diabetic” keep echoing, infuriatingly, in your head. 

Relying on willpower isn’t helping either. You’ve tried restricting yourself from all the foods you love – you can stay strong until lunch, but after about 3pm all bets are off.  Willpower inevitably wanes, and you’re back to eating all your usual favorites, thinking; “I’ll start again tomorrow”.

Trust me, there is an easier way to reverse prediabetes –  I can teach you how.

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Regulating your blood sugar doesn't mean the end of enjoying your food.

I’ve created the Blood Sugar Reset program based on my 15+ years of experience helping clients just like you lower their HA1c, re-claim their energy, end their brain fog and crush their sugar cravings so they can get back to feeling great.

No need for medication.

No need for extreme diet programs and restrictions.

No need for exercising every minute of the day.

You don’t even need to be experienced in the kitchen.

This program will give you the tools and answers you’ve been searching for, so you can make food choices with confidence, and eliminate the possibility of becoming diabetic or needing medication to manage your blood sugar.

In addition to learning strategies to help you feel more relaxed around food, you’ll have recipes, and meal suggestions, you’ll enjoy (and be proud to share) with your friends and family!

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When you join the Blood Sugar Reset Program, you’ll learn:


  • Everything that influences blood sugar (hint: it’s not just about diet and exercise!)
  • How to leverage the power of food
  • How to recognize sugars and how to interpret sugars on a label
  • How to think about sugar alternatives and sweeteners
  • You’ll know how and why you don’t want to rely on willpower
  • Strategies for making better food choices
  • Tactics to navigate cravings
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This program is FOR YOU if…

  • You have prediabetes (your HA1c is higher than 5.6)
  • You know sugar isn’t good for you, but you can’t stop eating it
  • You’re worried your family history of diabetes will repeat itself
  • You feel tired a lot, especially ~3-4pm
  • Brain fog feels like your new normal
  • You're relying on willpower to say no to sugar
  • You find afternoon & evening cravings the hardest to manage
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This Blood Sugar Reset program is NOT FOR YOU if you’re:

  • Diagnosed with diabetes type I or diabetes type II
  • Already on medication to address your blood sugar (e.g., Metformin, etc.)
  • Looking for extreme weight loss - it is NOT the focus of this program
  • Looking for personalized advice

This is a GROUP program designed to teach the essential core strategies required to lower blood sugar. 

"As a primary care clinician, I often refer many of my patients to Karyn. Whether you are looking to optimize your health and well-being or manage a chronic condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, Karyn is an excellent resource for all things nutrition. She is a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her!"

- Terese Tatum, NP

"Karyn is an amazing functional nutritionist and natural chef, and has helped many of my patients over the years with various issues including weight loss, diabetes, better blood sugar control, IBS, and gas and bloating. She is a highly skilled communicator, she is passionate about what she does, which along with her intellect and social skills made her a huge asset to our team and for our patients."

- Angela Powlen, PA-C

Regulate your blood sugar without all the guesswork in 5 weeks

Here are the details of what’s included:

Module 1:
Leverage the power of food.

You’ll hear a little about me and why regulating blood sugar is one of my passions (hint: it’s because it impacts every aspect of our lives). You’ll get to know the blood sugar markers, and I’ll help reframe how you think about your food (ditch ‘diet dialog’ forever).  You’ll get menu suggestions to help bring this new way of thinking about food to fruition.

Module 2: Sugars hidden in plain sight.

You'll learn how blood sugar regulation (really!) works.  And, you'll learn how to recognize and interpret sugars, as well as where to find them (where you’d least expect).  You’ll likely be shocked you didn’t know this before!

Module 3: What? Sugar alternatives are not always a free ride?

You'll learn the how and why of sugar alternatives. You'll learn what to watch out for (there can be some unpleasant side effects with some sweeteners) and I'll walk you through my strategies for navigating the alternatives.

Module 4: Willpower won’t cut it…you’ll need nature’s antidote to sugar too.

You'll learn my proprietary blood sugar regulation strategy that works so well you won’t need to rely on willpower anymore. You’ll also get acquainted with nature’s antidote to sugar, and recipes to put my strategy to the test.

Module 5: Craving control tactics.

You don’t want to miss this! You'll learn how to overcome your cravings so you’ll have everything you need to reverse prediabetes, coupled with a renewed sense of confidence and clarity around sugar.  You’ll be able to open your fridge door with a knowing smile, and get back to enjoying life instead of wasting time second guessing your food choices.

You will never feel alone on this journey, I’ve set up incredible support for you!

3 weeks of LIVE training and Q&A calls


During the LIVE training, we’ll review the materials for the week and I will answer your questions LIVE.  If you miss the calls, you’ll be able to access the replay in the learning portal.

Group text messaging via Healthie*

We’ll be able to keep in touch over 5-weeks! You’ll be able to message the group for support, encourage one another, and I will be there to respond to your questions too. 
*Note: Healthie is a HIPAA compliant electronic medical record system.

Bonus tutorials to support your journey

You'll receive bonus tutorials on: (1) How to think about and where to find fiber, (2) How to get the most out of Cronometer - a comprehensive nutrition tracking app, including what to aim for etc.

Additional reference materials

Receive links to referenced articles, books, podcasts, TED talks, and more!

The Blood Sugar Reset Program

Spend months or years trying to figure it out on your own...
Or, sign up now and learn how to regulate your blood sugar

The program includes:

  • 5-weeks of coaching and support
  • 5 modules packed with all the strategies you need
  • Self-paced video training
  • 3 hours of live training with replays
  • 2 bonus tutorials
  • Additional reference materials
  • Before & after self-evaluation tools 
  • Private group text messaging via Healthie
  • Mini quizzes 
  • Healthy recipes that taste delicious 

Next program starts September 21st, 2022


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About Karyn

Karyn Forsyth Duggan, and I’m a functional nutritionist and a certified natural chef with over 15 years of practice fixing the B.I.G Stuff - Blood sugar levels,  Inflammation Gastrointestinal health.  I’m a firm believer in the fact that healthy food can, and should always, taste delicious. I've helped thousands of people actually ENJOY the process of improving their energy, regulating their blood sugar, addressing cholesterol and inflammation using delicious recipes. Life's too short for bad recipes! I always start with food and basic guidelines that are simple, easy to use, and remember.

I am looking forward to helping you regulate your blood sugar!



It’s time to get the tools and strategies you need, get off the blood sugar roller coaster and prevent diabetes, for good.

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